To Save Our Next Generations and Our Planet, Reduce the Economic Activities: Lesson Learned from COVID-19

Air pollution from economic activities
Air pollution from economic activities

[ AUTHOR: Simi Garewal is a member of Global Affairs Writers’ Association. Her areas of interest are the cultural and economic developments of South Asia as well as the global trend of climate change. ]

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused drastically reduced economic activities worldwide. In some places and times, the economic activities came down to almost zero.

This global disruption of economic activities has brought-about many benefits to the earth's environment, including improving the planet's climate which has been deteriorating from the time industrial revolution began.

Indeed, the considerable decline in planned travel and other modern human activities have resulted in massive improvement in the quality of air across the globe. The drop in air pollution in many regions of the world gave the environmentalists and the young kids hope regarding the future of our planet.

The lockdowns and other measures in China is a very good example of how COVID-19 related preventive and protective measures have brought-about positive changes to the air-quality. In China, such measures have resulted in a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions and 50 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions.

Similarly, the improvement in water quality acorss the globe is noticeable, as public and private science researchers have been recording a large drop in water pollution in many regions of the world ever since the economic activities were reduced to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

Observing these changes of reduced economic activities, the majority of the researchers across the world have been suggesting that the governments globally should take measures to reduce economic activities in order to help decrease global heating (i.e. global warming) as well as air and water pollution. 

These researchers strongly believes that reducing economic activities is the only way to allow the environment to slowly flourish in order to leave behind for the next generations a planet where they can breathe and live.

Originally published on Oped Column Syndication.